Places You Can Go with Arabic

by Estifanos (age 6), of California, U.S.A.

I was looking through “The Travel Book,” and I wondered how many countries I could visit, if I only knew how to speak Arabic.  I counted 23 different countries! Most of them were in the Middle East, or the northern part of Africa. Things that I would really like to go do and see, if I could only go to places where people speak Arabic, are:

  • Explore the rock carvings and cave paintings of Tassili N’Ajjer in Algeria;
  • Visit the ancient step-pyramid at Saqqara, in Egypt;
  • Swim in the Dead Sea, so I can stay afloat! (in Israel);
  • Have fish for dinner in the hull of an ancient dhow, in Kuwait;
  • Eat homemade bread cooked under the sand of the Sahara!!! in Libya;
  • Camp out under the stars of the Empty Quarter, in Oman;
  • Snorkel in the Red Sea, in Saudi Arabia;
  • Wade through the ancient sands around the pyramids of Begrawiya, in Sudan;
  • Watch camel races in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; and
  • See the dragon blood trees of Socotra Island, in Yemen.

The countries that have Arabic as an official language are:

In the Middle East (which is part of Asia):  Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

In the Indian Ocean: Comoros & Mayotte

In Africa: Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia.

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  1. Peter White says:

    Fish dinner in a dhow and saharan bread both sound scrumptious.

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