Dances from Brazil

by Estifanos (age 6), of California, U.S.A.

I wanted to see what kinds of other dances people did in Brazil, after seeing the Brazilian dancers of the Fogo Na Roupa Performing Company at the Ethnic Dance Festival in San Francisco. So, Mom and I Googled “Brazilian dance.” We found a list of “10 Traditional Brazilian Dances You Should Know About.” Then, we looked for videos of those Brazilian dances on Youtube.

My favorite was of about five men that were doing Capoeira dancing. It was acrobatic, and very very fast. They spun on their heads! (crazy guys!!!) They also would kick their feet up and twirl around, just inches from each other, and did not bump into each other!

Here is a link to the Capoeira dance we watched:

Another traditional Brazilian dance that I liked was called Bumba Meu Boi. I liked it because it was funny and dramatic. The dance showed people dressed up as animals in a forest. There was a bull, some monkeys, and about 20 Amazonian birds. And also, at the end, there was a man holding a little toy bull, just like the bull at the beginning. There has to be a story to this dance. I am going to ask my pen-pal about what the story is.

Here is a link to the video of the Bumba Meu Boi dance we watched:

The last Brazilian dance I liked is called Forró. It is so fast, that I can’t even describe it. It is danced by a boy and a girl or a man and a woman. They do lots of fast hand work, and turns and spins. Once the woman even slid underneath the man’s legs, and jumped right back up and kept dancing. I really want to learn it. It is just amazing!

Here is a link to the video of Forró dancing we watched:


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