Brazilian Feast

by Estifanos (age 6), of California, U.S.A.

This week, mom and I looked for recipes from Brazil, to find out what food tastes like there, and to find out which foods from Brazil we would most like to eat. For our first Brazilian Feast, we made: Feijoada (a Brazilian pork and black bean stew) with rice and Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese rolls), served with cabbage salad, orange slices, mango juice, and toasted cassava root for sprinkling on top.

The whole family helped to make the Feijoada. The night before we started cooking, I measured a gallon of cold water, 1/4 cup of salt, and 2 pounds of dried black beans, and mixed them together in a pot, and let them soak overnight. The next morning, the beans were purple and plump, and the water was blackish-purple.

The next morning, Dada fried 3/4 pound of applewood smoked bacon, and Mom chopped up 0.54 lbs. of chorizo sausage, 0.58 lbs. of corned beef, and 0.86 lbs. of boneless pork ribs, into 1 inch chunks. I put the meat into a big pot with oil to brown, and then added the beans, and some diced onion, green bell pepper, scallions, tomato, bay leaves, and cilantro. Then, we let it simmer away.

Mom made the Pao de Queijo, because I was too tired, after all that cooking. This is a picture of her making it:

And this is a picture of me and my Mom, eating our Brazilian Feast:

My favorite part of the feast was the black beans and meat, because it tasted so meaty-beany-delicious! My least favorite part was the cheese rolls because they were a bit too gooey for me.

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