World Alphabets Books

The books in this series, published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books,  present beautifully photographed overviews of the cultural realities of modern day life in the country named in each title. Each volume contains an “author’s note” giving an introduction to the country in question, then for each letter, A-Z, there is a brief paragraph describing some aspect of the culture. Fascinating content, for example, in “M is for Mexico”: A for Alegria (a popular sweet treat made of seeds and honey), Q for Quinceanera, etc. Great jumping-off points for further reading and research on the country. Great for seeding the imagination with concrete images of real people, to help make map-studies come alive, and to help inspire travel planning.

Nothing at all even remotely violent or dramatic, either emotionally, socially, or physically, so a very safe choice for highly sensitive young readers. Highly recommended. I only wish they had more countries in the series.  The ones we have include:

  • B is for Brazil by Maria de Fatima Campos
  • C is for China by Sungwan So
  • E is for Ethiopia by Ashenafi Gudeta, Betelhem Abate, Ataklti Mulu, Dama Boru
  • I is for India by Prodeepta Das
  • I is for Iran by Shirin & Kamyar Adl
  • M is for Mexico by Flor de Maria Cordero
  • R is for Russia by Vladimir Kabakov & Prodeepta Das
  • T is for Turkey by Nilufer Topaloglu Pyper & Prodeepta Das