Crocheted CA Flora & Fauna Blankets

One of my ongoing bardic arts projects is a series of crocheted blankets of my own design and making, each inspired by a different native plant or animal of California.

The first one was inspired by the ceanothus (wild California lilac) bushes planted on our property as part of our ongoing ecosystem restoration project. Now, we occasionally (though rarely) experience frost in these hills, but never any snow.  The white was mostly chosen for contrast. There do exist mountain lilacs in the Sierras, and those bushes might see snow, now and then, and so: Ceanothus in the Snow (completed August 2016).

The next blanket in the series, will be a queen-sized bedspread, inspired by the summer-flowering, wild California Rose. The flowers on these roses are a rich, rose pink as the buds first open, becoming paler pink as they mature. They are simple, five-petaled flowers that one would hardly notice — until their powerful perfume nearly knocks you over. And so, Rosa Californica:

(coming soon)