Works in Progress

Nature Studies (Ovate Projects)

As a mentor-scholar of Quercus Academy, my personal nature-study projects involve the in-depth, scientific studies, readings, field-observations, and experiments that allow me to better understand the workings of the natural world, so that I may be a more effective steward of the land, sea, and sky, and a more helpful guardian and ally of the wild flora and fauna, who are my nearest and dearest neighbors. My current, nature-study projects include:

Nature Study Book Reviews







Arts & Culture Studies (Bardic Arts Projects)

For me, the Bardic Arts involve any art or craft that is inspired by Nature, and which expresses my personal devotion to and love of the Living Earth. Recognizing, creating, expressing, and sharing beauty are some of the ways in which I connect with Nature, and return or pay forward the freely given gifts of Nature. It is a form of daily devotion and meditation, filling the gaps between the seasonal celebrations with a daily dose of gratitude. The foci of my bardic arts activities, at present, include: crochet, culinary arts, poetry, song-writing, and storytelling. A sampling of my bardic arts projects include:

Original Music Compositions







Quiet Contemplation (Druid Projects)

As a practicing Druid, my spiritual work (a.k.a. “quiet contemplation”) focuses on cultivating wisdom through study of and meditation upon the “Book of Nature” — divining the lessons that the natural world has to teach me, and learning to listen for the quiet wisdom of Divinity in Nature. It also involves performing rituals, which express my reverence for and devotion to Nature, and which celebrate the seasons and cycles of Nature, as they happen here, in the Coast Range Mountains of California. Since there are no traditional Druid celebrations for the seasonal cycles of this area, I have been working on a revised version of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, and developing new rituals for the four Druid Holy Days. Details of my Druidry projects are here:

Flower Season Celebration

Rain Season Celebration

Harvest Celebration