Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D


Creator & Headmistress of Quercus Academy

Educator, writer, and independent scholar with 25+ years combined experience in curriculum design, teaching, educational evaluation and assessment, focused on the neurobiology of the learning process, and the art of pedagogy that makes learning fun.

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• Ecosystem Restorationist (California Mixed-Evergreen Forest & Coastal Sage Scrub Biomes) • Biointensive Vegetable Gardener • Organic Fruit Farmer • Celebrant of the Coast Range Seasons (Flowers, Fog, Fire, Rain) • Crochet Artist • Poet • Playwright • Songwriter • Storyteller • The Coast Range Druid

Current Research Project:
World Druidry: A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality

The proposal for my current research project was accepted by the Mount Haemus Awards program, organized and funded by the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, in April 2018. The results are to be published at Beltane 2021, and presented at Mt. Haemus Day 2024. A synopsis of the proposed project is as follows:

Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D., is an educator and independent scholar with over 25 years’ experience using mixed research methods to shed light on the ways in which people learn, grow, and change, under the influence of changing educational contexts. She is also a global nomad, fascinated with the ways in which intercultural mobility affects people, habits, and beliefs. She now turns the focus of her academic research on discerning the ways in which Druidry, as a globalizing path of nature spirituality, has evolved as it spread beyond the traditional Druid lands of its origins and took root in other countries and cultures. As practicing Druids around the world learn and grow and develop their personal paths of Druidry, what do they continue to hold in common? In what ways do their practices and beliefs diversify? What, if anything, forms the spiritual “common-core” of contemporary World Druidry that is able to transcend local culture? This paper will present the findings of an extensive survey-research project designed to answer those questions.

The complete proposal can be viewed here: World Druidry: A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality, proposal by Larisa A. White.

The survey project will be administered from my Coast Range Druid web site, which will also include a World Druidry Project blog, providing status updates on the survey research, sneak-previews of some of the findings, and publication and presentation announcements, as the project draws to a close.