Wild Animals in Alaska

by Estifanos (age 6), of California, U.S.A.

I went on a cruise ship to Alaska, in September 2017. My first stop was at Mendenhall Glacier, in Juneau. While I was there, I saw a cute little baby porcupine on the side of the trail, munching leaves and grass! I also saw a Mama porcupine. It was probably the baby’s mom. This is a picture of the little baby porcupine:

AK Mendenhall Baby Porcupine

The second stop on the cruise was in Skagway. From there, we took a ferry to Haines, and then a bus to the Kroschel Wildlife Center. There’s a crazy old kook there who keeps an orphaned grizzly bear as a pet, and feeds it oatmeal porridge with a spoon!!! He also feeds the bear blueberry pie!  Look at the picture:

AK KW Blueberry Pie Grizzly

Steve Kroschel also kept a moose, a wolf, a red fox, and some reindeer. He was always feeding his animals organic carrots. Karen is his orphaned moose, and he even let me feed her a carrot. Guess what? I had my first kiss at the Kroschel Wildlife Center. I “kissed” Karen:

AK KW E kissing Karen

The most funny part of the entire thing was the wolverine:

AK KW Wolverine

He had razor-sharp claws and teeth, so Steve put on his shoes before bringing him out. He came out with the wolverine on a leash, and he kept saying, “Ouch! Don’t bite!” while the wolverine nipped at his pants! It was so funny, I burst out laughing.

AK KW Crazy Stephen

After Steve massaged the wolverine’s gums, and kissed his nose (!!!!!), the wolverine calmed right down like a baby falling asleep in Mama’s arms, and let me pet his rear end.

On the bus back to Haines, we also saw a bald eagle on a tree, and three bears hunting for salmon in a river.

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  1. Peter says:

    You kissed a moose?!?

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