Seasons in California – First Flowers

by Estifanos (5), of California, U.S.A.

I live with my mom and dad, in the mountains near the coast of California. Where we live, the beginning of February is the time when we see the first flowers blooming in our yard. It is the beginning of our spring.

At this time of year, the weather is sort of cool. Sometimes it’s cold enough to make breath clouds. But there is never snow or ice. There is a lot of wind and rain and mud. Sometimes, but rarely, there is lightening and hail. We get a lot of sunny-rainy days. We call that rainbow weather. This week, I saw a triple rainbow! I was very lucky to see that. Only two of them came out in the photograph my dad took:


Triple Rainbow (two of three captured) in the hills. (by Peter White)

In our garden, the blueberry bushes are starting to make fruit:


Sunshine Blue dwarf blueberry bushes starting to set fruit. (by Larisa White)

The lemons are ready for harvest:


Lisbon Lemon tree ready to harvest. (by Larisa White)

The arctostaphylos and ceanothus bushes are in full bloom:


Arctostaphylos Howard McMinn (a.k.a. Howard McMinn Manzanita) in bloom. (by Larisa White)


Estifanos with blooming Ceaonothus Ray Hartman. (by Larisa White)

And mom says the native pollinators are silly with joy for the nectar and pollen.

So is the pregnant hummingbird who is about to lay her eggs!

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