Fire Season Ritual

This ritual was written to celebrate the Fire Season in the Coast Range Mountains of California. It is performed on the day of the Autumnal Equinox. It is performed in a dormant wild space, unless smoky air quality proves too dangerous, in which case it is performed indoors — aside from the offerings of food and water to local wildlife.


Pause at the edge of the ritual space to quiet the mind, ground the body, and open the spirit to the Numenons of Nature present in this place. Step into the ritual space.

I enter the Sacred Grove with reverence.
I enter the Sacred Grove in peace.

Place an offering of water just outside the Eastern side of the Grove.
Salute the East.

Peace and greetings to the East,
Birthplace of the rushing winds,
Where the golden eagle soars at dawn,
With gifts of insight and inspiration.
Thank you for the blessings of Air.

Place an offering of water just outside the Southern side of the Grove.
Salute the South.

Peace and greetings to the South,
Pathway of the brilliant flames,
Where passionate, courageous hearts
Draw strength from warmth of Heaven’s Hearth.
Thank you for the blessings of Fire.

Place an offering of water just outside the Western side of the Grove.
Salute the West.

Peace and greetings to the West,
Wellspring of the mighty sea,
Whose cascading mists, and currents, and tides
Inspire reflection and change in the wise.
Thank you for the blessings of Water.

Place an offering of water just outside the Northern side of the Grove.
Salute the North.

Peace and greetings to the North,
Homeland of the ancient trees,
Whose lives embody the ages of time,
Through quiet accretion of manifest glory.
Thank you for the blessings of Earth.

Salute the Heavens.

Peace and greetings, Father Sky,
Source of Nature’s Law, and Light,
Lord of the distant, Celestial Sphere, and
Master of seasons and cycles, here.
Thank you for the blessings of Spirit Above.

Salute the Earth.

Peace and greetings, Mother Earth,
Churning power of heat and rebirth,
Lifter of mountains, and mixer of seas,
Shaper of winds, and all life among these.
Thank you for the blessings of Spirit Below.

By the power of decisive action,
And the wisdom of calm reflection,
With the help of all the powers of Nature,
May the power of Spirit Within grow strong.
May it bless and protect me,
this day and always!

Awen! Awen! Awen!

Grant, O Holy Ones, thy protection;
and in protection, strength;
and in strength, understanding;
and in understanding, wisdom;
and in wisdom, justice;
and in justice, the love of it;
And in that love, the love of all existences;
And in the love of all existences, the love of Earth,
My mother, my home.

Tracing the tribann in space:

Light of Heaven, and
Life of Earth,
In their union, Spirit’s birth,
In realms of Land and Sea and Sky,
Wondrous Child,
Jewel of Light,
Fill the world with blessings, bright!
May all living beings of this world
Be healed and blessed to fruitfulness;
May all who strive for enlightenment
Attain it.

Awen! Awen! Awen!

Sit, and read the Holiday Lection:

I come to the Sacred Grove today to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time of balance between darkness and light that is shared by all living beings on Earth. It is also a time of dramatic change in weather, all over the world. This shared experience, of perfect balance coupled with rapid change serves to unite all beings of planet Earth, despite our many differences.

Here in the Coast Range mountains of Northern California, autumn is the Season of Fire.

As the sun continues its journey southward toward its winter home, the icy Pacific upwelling stops, and summer fogs disperse. Temperatures near the coast now soar, and tinder-dry brush and trees, stressed by the summer-long drought, catch light. Smoky wildfires ravage the land, killing flora and fauna, and destroying forests, fields, and homes.

Though the obvious face of Fire Season is one of destruction, the Power of Fire is also a force of cleansing and renewal. Fire clears space for new growth. It enriches the soil with its ash. And it serves to remind us of our duties, as stewards of the land.

In times of dearth, when Nature fails to provide for our immediate needs, it is the responsibility of wise stewards to provide a Plan B. It is up to us to be prepared, to keep stores of seed, and water, and food, so that we can provide for our beloved kin until the season of suffering ends. Until the arrival of the winter rains, we can help our kindred Beings of land and sea and sky by sharing a bit of our stored water and food, and offering up our heartfelt prayers for the return of the autumn rains.

Set aside the Holiday Lection.

Read aloud, and re-enact the story, “Singing Down the Rain.”

Stand at the center of the Sacred Grove, to address the Gods.

Mother Earth, and Father Sky,
With reverence and gratitude for your gifts,
I offer my service and love, in return,
tending the needs of land, sea, and sky
So that all living beings of your creation
may continue to thrive.

Set out ritual offerings of food and fresh water for the wildlife resident in the vicinity of the Sacred Grove, then return to the Sacred Grove to close:

I depart the Sacred Grove with gratitude;
I depart the Sacred Grove, in peace.

Deep within the still center of my being,
may I find peace.
Here, within the quiet of the Grove,
may I share peace.
Gently, within the greater circle of all Life,
may I radiate peace.

Awen! Awen! Awen!

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